Marston’s Brewery

Jennings. There’s more to the Lakes than meets the eye…

  • Naming
  • Branding
  • Packaging

The challenge

Established in 1828, Jennings Brewery historically had a very strong link to the Lake District, but with Wainwright Golden Beer operating in the outdoor arena, an area which Jennings has owned for many years, we worked alongside their marketing team to develop a completely different positioning which didn’t clash with, or hinder, the Wainwright brand.

The solution

We soon realised that it’s not only the Jennings Brewery itself that is steeped in history, the wider area around the unique brewery location also has many well-treasured stories to be proud of. We discovered that the Lake District represents different things to different people, so we took the opportunity to develop a unique positioning by bringing to life ‘historical discoveries’ through the magic of design. The new packaging is contemporary and refreshing whilst staying true to the provenance and heritage of the brewery because, after all, ‘there’s more to the lakes than meets the eye’.

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