Cycle Diva

Cycle Diva. Design by women, for women.

  • Branding

The challenge

Cycle Diva is a next-generation women’s clothing brand. The female-owned company is devoted to providing women cyclists with a clothing collection that is all about quality, with design, technical performance and sustainability at its heart. ‘Accept our body shape and focus on the positives that others see in us’ is Cycle Diva’s core message and as a new entry to the market, they needed to deliver on that brand promise.

The solution

Cycle Diva is the only brand in this fast-growing and complex market that is dedicated to clothing for women cyclists, so we created an identity that encapsulated something women could identify with and be proud to wear. In keeping with the brand promise of always looking at the ‘+ve’, the logo is feminine, confident and exudes happiness. This positivity continues throughout the clothing range, with 100% focus on designs that help flatter whatever Diva shape is closest to each individual.

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